Our Projects

Below are some examples of our work from across our service area

Plainfield, IL  - House Fire

Rear exterior fire that started on the deck and sun room that led up to the roof and communicated into the interior of the home. The fire damages were extensive and required a complete restoration of the home. Repairs included truss and wall framing replacement, new electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems.

Naperville, IL - Masonry Renovation Project

A structural restoration project which entailed the teardown and rebuilding of the concrete block and brick veneer exterior masonry wall. This structural hazard was as result of a gradual deterioration of the wall as a result of ground vibrations from nearby railroad traffic and some original construction issues . Along with the masonry rebuild, it was necessary to reframe the wall, replace insulation, drywall and finish trims, paint, and replace flooring.

This was the first of (3) capital improvement projects that Catcon completed for a local non for profit, between 2013 and 2015, to (5) of their multi-family properties. 

Skokie, IL  - House Fire

A crawl space electrical fire, directly beneath the kitchen, resulted in the extensive restoration of this 3 bedroom, tri-level home. The fire related damages necessitated replacement of floor joists and wall framing along with the total replacement of the electrical system and lighting, and plumbing rough-ins and fixtures. The primary HVAC system, including ductwork, was also replaced.

Schaumburg, IL  - Suburban Plaza Collapse

A restoration project consisting (4) 6’ wide x 13’ high x 48’ long decorative facades. The framing and masonry, inside of these structures, were in the early stages of collapse. This was due to a combination of original construction practices, at the time, and a gradual deterioration of the framing and masonry. The facades were raised to the point of being almost level, footings and masonry piers were installed, masonry was repaired, and structural steel improvements were made.

The challenges were the winter weather conditions along with keeping customers safe during construction and making sure businesses remained open throughout all phases of the work.

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